Sunday, 15 May 2016

The End.

I've stopped working on the Metal Gear video. I won't be animating anymore. Thanks for having followed me.

Here's some animators you should follow.


  1. That's a shame. You have great talent, it's sad you gave up like that. Have a nice life.

  2. My inner kid is dying because of this, but as an artist this is the news i´ve been dreading since long time ago.
    I understand your decission, of course you don´t respond to anyone besides you.
    Anyways, if I were your workmate, I will beg you to keep working on it. As I said to you before (or at least I tried) your little sneak peeks of animation are to me like the official artwork and cutscenes the games never had. You are actually the closest thing to a proffesional approach to that entire section of the metal gear saga. It has been an honor.
    I hope you will reconsiderate this one day
    good luck!

  3. I understand that your animating process is very tedious and draining, but I do hope you keep illustrating and making art.
    You know me, I try not to be a bull-shitter, and I hope you know when I say you're one of the best artists on the planet that I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass.
    You've got a real talent and amazing skills, and a striking personal style that's all your own.

    I hope you keep at it, not because I or anybody else wants you to, but because it's something you truly enjoy.